Apology to No One, November Seventeenth, Two Thousand Four

            I didn’t stop to consider the sociological implications
            before I acted, or before I spoke out.
Someone at the academic party said “vis a vis” and I lost it;
            I fell into a beautiful flashback, man,
rockets that sound like trains through the night sky, but
that was that, more or less instantaneous, so that no one noticed
            I had left and then come back. You
            don’t have to tell me a thing or two about portals,

I’ve seen the visitors come and go.
            There’s the talk, and then there’s the talk about the talk.
And isn’t this romantic, to love words and the sounds of words
            even as the bodies pile up in secret; even as the children
are terrorized out of their minds by bombs we pay for. You can only
            cover your mouth, so you won’t scream out loud

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